5 Things That Make Me Happy

TGIF! Luckily, this week just flew on by for me. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend of doing nothing, and while that sounds good in theory, I'm sure I'll be up to something. I wish I could just veg out and watch tv but I'd get too antsy after a bit. We'll see.


3 DIY Easter Bath Bomb Recipes

Hey you! It's almost Easter--I know, seriously how fast has this year flown by? I celebrate Easter all the way. In addition to religious reasons, I enjoy seeing it all through my nieces and nephews eyes, AND it's Charlie's 5th birthday! I decorate too, and every year I do an Easter DIY on the blog. Today I'm sharing 3 DIY Easter Bath Bomb Recipes. These are so fun and easy to make, and I've got a new one for this year. I just made a batch and my house smells amazing. Let me know your favorites!

Easter Confetti Candy Bath Bombs


On Making My Life A Little More Sweet

I admit it: I can be awful at taking time for myself. I think many of us are that way, right? Life is just so busy, and we are constantly giving ourselves to others, that we just forget or think about taking time to enjoy ourselves like we should. Here's one example: I wake up early, get started on my blog stuff, and then I'm off to work. I go from one activity to another, and it doesn't stop there. I'm a nanny and am usually chasing after two little ones. Since my day is very occupied, it'll be almost lunch and I'll realize I've forgotten breakfast. Or it will be later in the day and I'll find myself tired, reaching for a less-healthy snack alternative. It leaves me unable to be the person I want to be or be as great as I know I can be. But I've decided to change all of that.

I've made a conscious effort to try and add more "sweet" to my life. These are just little things that are making a huge difference. Here are just a couple of things: I'm using a timer to remind myself to get off of the computer and stretch. I've started making spinach smoothies--think spinach, Greek yogurt, a little ice, or maybe some protein powder. The iron in the spinach has really helped my low-energy levels, and I love choosing something that's healthier for me. I'll mix it up and add different fruits, but what I love is to add more greens, like kale, romaine, and celery.

And I finish it off by sprinkling a packet of Born Sweet™ Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener. I love this stuff! It’s perfect for mixing into coffee, tea, and other favorite drinks. It's made with only real ingredients-- nothing artificial, with the sweetness extracted from Mother Nature’s stevia plant! In fact, 1 packet equals the sweetness in 2 teaspoons of sugar. It turns my spinach smoothies into a delicious sweetening experience.

By making these little changes, like my spinach smoothie, I can be assured that my personal “sweet” bliss isn’t pushed to the back burner by a busy schedule. And now I want YOU to try some for yourself! 

ADD ZING™ TO YOUR LIFE!  Give your taste buds something new and amaZING to be excited about -- try new Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener for yourself! Visit www.zingstevia.com to request a Free Sample of Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener, plus a $1.50 Coupon. Look for Zing™ in the Sweetener Aisle at mass merchandiser and grocery stores nationwide.


And now you have a chance to add a little more sweetness to your day with a giveaway for a $100 Visa gift card! To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment below letting me know which one of your favorite beverages are you most excited to mix Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener into first?


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Be sure to visit the Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ posts!



This or That: Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara Vs. Wet N Wild MegaPlump Double Menace Mascara Review

Hey you! I admit, a new mascara at the drugstore is a weakness of mine. Gotta catch 'em try 'em all! Even if I'm wearing just a tinted moisturizer, I will always have on some mascara. I saw a new one from Wet N Wild last month and had to get it. I am a huge fan of the super affordable brand. It instantly reminded me of one released last year by Maybelline. I put them both to the test for this week's This or That.


Buy + Try: March Makeup Reviews

Hey you! I hope your weekend was just wonderful! Is it looking like spring where you are? Are you doing any spring cleaning? I did--sorta--I recently went through my drawers and cabinets and realized I had quite a few things I've not shared on here! Plus, I haven't made a video in a few weeks, so I combined both ideas and am doing a Buy and Try! I'll be sharing brief reviews of all sorts of things. Be sure to check out the video for more details on everything!


5 Things That Make Me Happy

TGIF! This was my first week back at work since recent events, and it was a doozy. On one hand, it was nice to get back into routine, but on the other, I am still not feeling like myself. To cheer myself up, and to really focus on the good things, I am starting this series called 5 Things That Make Me Happy. I might do this weekly, I might do it monthly. There will be beauty products as well as things you can't buy. I hope you join in.

Fresh Flowers
I received several plants and flower arrangements from friends and family after my Daddy died. I decided to break a few of them up and make smaller arrangements. Having fresh flowers in every room is an instant mood-lifter. I might have to splurge for a small arrangement every week! Happy first day of spring! PS: Pictured were my St. Patrick's Day nails.

I haven't been sleeping well since my Dad's death, which was 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I was hoping once I was back home it would get better and it has, a little. I also have a nasty cold (hence the radio silence yesterday), which I know is contributing to the not sleeping. I have been relying on using face masks like these from Le Mieux in the morning. They wake me up and keep my face hydrated. Decongestants just dry me out, so I need all the moisture my skin can get. I'm wearing one right now as I type this!

Getting My Hair Done
Ok, this one is actually happening today, but getting my hair done always, always makes me happy. I just feel lighter. I get bored sitting anywhere for a while, but will happily do so when it comes to my hair. Expect a pic of my hair on Instagram! Hey, are you following me on there?

In case you missed it, I recently had the worst week ever. My Dad passed away one week after we got the news he had 6 months to live, and then my fur baby Charlie was attacked by another dog. The dog just snapped for some reason. They knew each other. I still don't understand how it happened. It was so fast. After she let go of him, she threw Charlie about 10 feet and the impact caused him to lose most of his top teeth. He has 1 tooth left up there! I am so thankful he is ok and is back to normal! I don't think my heart could take much more! He turns 5 next month. You can't tell me he isn't a cutie!

Thank you once again for the support through comments, messages, emails, and more. I've been a little out of it these past couple of weeks, and I fear I haven't thanked everyone properly, individually, or enough.  I wanted to give a special thank you to LaNae, Tiffany, Jessica & Tracy for the sweet cards. Thank you for Kara Renee for the Starbucks gift card. Thank you to Parker for the card and mani goodies. I appreciate everyone who took the time to check on me and offer condolences. Y'all totally made me cry! Happy tears, that is! Love y'all.

What's making YOU happy this week?

PS: Internet has been spotty, and I'm not sure my comments are going through on your blogs. 
Let me know if I need to visit you! :)


6 Beauty Tools You SHOULD Be Cleaning

It doesn't matter whether you have a couple of beauty products or are slightly obsessed with them: (that'd be me--hi, I'm Elle!) you have beauty tools you need to clean. I'm sharing some reminders for those beauty tools you SHOULD be cleaning. It's all painless, I swear!


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