Get the Look: Gabrielle Union's Golden Globes Red Carpet Look (Giveaway)

Can we talk for a second how gorgeous Gabrielle Union looked on the red carpet at the Golden Globes party? She's an ambassador for Neutrogena, and when they asked if I wanted to show how to get the look, I had to do it! Inspired by the 90s supermodel vibe of her dress, makeup artist Fiona Stiles went with a nude palette for the look. It's a super wearable look that can be worn naturally or built up in intensity. Check it out:

"We started by prepping her skin with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel - it absorbs quickly but keeps the skin really hydrated which is key to maintain a natural glow from the inside out.  We also dabbed Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair eye cream under her eyes prior to makeup application."

"To create this soft smokey eye we started with the Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear eye shadow pallet in Cocoa Mauve with built-in primer and added a of couple coats of Healthy Volume mascara in black before adding in a few individual lashes.  Their new color palettes give you a lid, crease, highlighter and liner color, which makes doing a great eye really easy. And to off-set her eye we went with a muted lip using Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Warm Caramel."

Here's a closeup on the look. I used the lightest shade in the middle of the lid, followed by the next lightest on the rest of the lid. Then I used the 3rd shade in the crease and blended it out, followed by the liner shade in the outer "v." Need more details? Check out the quick video, below:  

You can easily recreate Gabrielle’s look with Neutrogena products from Walgreens. And to help you get the look yourself, today's giveaway is  $50 Walgreens Giftcard to 5 lucky winners!
To enter:
Contest ends 2-12!

Extra Elle:

  • I hit 1000 youtube subscribers!! Thank y'all SO much!!! I am so proud of this video and hope you check it out.
  • No weekend plans yet. This was a long week!! Was it for you? I'm headed to a party for the Superbowl--it feels weird not to be hosting, but will be a nice break!


How To: Clean Beauty Blenders Fast!

The beautyblender is a terrific tool to keep in your beauty arsenal. It's great at blending out foundation and concealer, as well as helping to sheer out too much product (got clown face with too much blush? Try a bb). If you're into lighter coverage with that airbrushed finish, you'll love a beautyblender. But...cleaning the sponge takes forever.

I've tried every method to clean this super sponge (including my dishwasher...what??), and here's what I have found the be the fastest:


1st Anniversary: Coffee & Chit Chat for January (ULTA Giveaway)

No, no, no, this isn't THE video I was talking about yesterday. BUT! It is a very important one. A year ago I started on my Youtube channel a monthly series where I give a snippet of my life in review.  I share all sorts of stuff there and it gives you a chance to get to know me better. CHECK IT OUT:

And yes, you can view it at work. Click here for the sneaky trick.

So what do you have to look forward to in this blurry (sorry, y'all) video?
  • Drink and Mug of the Month--um, pictured above. Moving on... 
  • January in Review--places and faces. Cute niece cameo!
  •  Movies and books of the month
  •  Fave monthly posts--there were some good ones. Did you miss a post? 
  • The results of my JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING challenge. I'm doing a little something each month this year. PLEASE pick a #JALS and play along! :)
  • Next month's #JALS is to go caffeine-free TWICE a week. Wish me luck! 
  • Faves/Not-so-faves beauty products of the month  
  • CHARLIE cameo. He's so cute. #biased. But what he was up to prior to filming was NOT cute. Watch the video for that tmi story.
  • Ipsy Bag of the Month (pictured below and reviews are in the video):

I was overal happy with this bag. FL fans, you would love the bag it all came in.


Hi, I'm Elle and I'm obsessed with this Alice + Olivia mug.

Extra Elle: 

  • Still getting used to my iMac. I love it but I've been a pc user my whole life, so there's an adjustment period there. I liked the spell check better on my Dell, so if my comments on your blogs look odd, that's why! I love having a good movie editor on there too. I'm hoping to maybe get Final Cut Pro. We'll see! 
  • 2 weeks until my WDW trip! I will sound crazy saying this, but I already have Mickey Mouse nail polish with little MM ears in it and matching MM ears for me to wear. Pics soon. #stillakid #oldasdirt 


This or That: NYX Wonder Stick Vs. Em Cosmetics Chiaroscuro Reviews

Contouring and highlighting the face is a technique that isn't going anywhere, regardless of whether it is "in" or not. In fact, it's even easier to find the products to do so. Today I'm sharing two creamy versions that conveniently carry highlight and contour in one product. I hope you enjoy this week's This or That (I've done these almost every week for over a year).

NYX Wonder Stick

  • Recent release
  • $12 ULTA, Target, online
  • 4 shades, including "universal"
  • Very creamy, so a powder is needed to set
  • No shimmer
  • Breaks easily if too much is rolled out.
  • cheap looking packaging
Em Cosmetics Chiaroscuro 
  • Released last year, by Youtube beauty guru, Michelle Phan
  • $24 emcosmetics.com
  • 4 shades
  • highlight is a shimmer
  • easy to blend
  • gorgeous packaging
To apply:
Place the highlighter on the areas you want highlighted, like the forehead, under the eyes, the chin, Cupid's bow, etc. Apply the contour to cheek bones, jawline, around forehead, etc. Blend it all out thoroughly.

This or That:
I love having two products in one-makes for less clutter and fewer products in the drawer. However, I know not everyone is into creamy products for H&C, some prefer powder instead. While I have purchased both twice, it really comes down to the type of highlight you want. If you prefer a shimmery one, go with EM. It's excellent quality. But if you don't like shimmer, go with NYX, but carefully use it or it will break.

Extra Elle:
  • Currently watching The Fall on Netflix. I'm really into it and have almost finished season 2.
  • Still having video problems--my 4th time filming. Finally got it edited and then went to upload. Files are suddenly gone. Poof. So I shall splice the other attempts in. Can't wait to show it to you--it's a highly-requested tutorial!
  • Hope you're keeping warm where ever you are!


Must Try Beauty Buys: January

First of all, where did the weekend go? How is it Monday already? And shoot, where did January go? I have been super busy this month, esp with blogging stuff--and the best part was getting to try new beauty products. I have way too much fun! You should stop by and see all the lotions and potions!

Anyway, I also love being able to share with you the things that made the cut--I chose an assortment of stuff that I think you'll LOVE! All were samples sent for consideration. I'm thankful for this because it allows me to share products you might not hear about otherwise. I thoroughly reviewed them and these are my MUST TRY Beauty Buys! Let me know your faves in the comments!

Pulsaderm LED Light Red--I am all into LED lights for skin at the moment. Think blue for acne and red for wrinkles and anti-aging. But do they really work? This one is from a fave brand of mine, Pulsaderm. I love other products from them and am glad to have tried this one out. This LED light is non-invasive, painless and is FDA cleared. Three minute sessions per area per treatment have left my lines on my face much less noticeable. So yes, it works! I can't wait for long-term results! pulsaderm.com

Kushyfoot--I'm going from the head to the toes today! I was already fan of the foldable Flats to Go--you NEED these in your life--but was excited to see their new offerings. They have Foot Covers that are low-cut that cushion your feet in heels. They've got Fleece-Lined Trouser Socks that have been saving me this winter. Everything is super affordable $5.99-$9.99 and is wonderful quality.  Look for them in a store near you. How cute are the leopard ones? They take up no room in a purse.

Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight--I am a gigantic fan of everything I've tried in this line. This is a one-step illumination product. It gives you that glow and it works on everyone. Everyone!! I use it as a primer but it can be worn alone. You'll need the smallest amount of this mousse-like consistency. Wear it all over the face or where ever you wanted illumination. It's full of good stuff and free of so much of the bad. Plus it's SPF 20! Find it at ULTA (where I buy it), Nordstrom, Kohls, and miracleskintransformer.com

Mirabella Lash & Line Collection--Another brand I am super-smitten with! They have such beautiful products that work. I've got their Lash Luxe mascara--gives me lots of volume (the bigger lashes the better!!) and doesn't leave my lashes crunchy, if that makes sense. I'm wearing it in tomorrow's video. They also have 2 eyeliners: Twig Eye Definer ( a rich brown colored eye pencil that glides on SO smoothly, Brown Stone Magic Marker (get those wings on your liner easily--also wearing this in the video tomorrow). mirabellabeauty.com

Verb Hair Products--Meet the hair product line (made in the US and cruelty-free) I am just so crazy about. Anyone who's stopped by my Beauty Room has had Verb all up in their business. I love this line. Ok, let me just tell you about the products. They have a Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, both of which are mild and color-safe. The Full Body Volume Spray is wonderful for fine hair--it's not heavy at all. The Styling Cream is what I use to tame my wild frizzy waves into sleek and smooth. The Verb Forming Fiber is awesome for shorter hair, but I use it to define waves in my hair. The Verb Ghost Oil is for those who don't want the cream but want a smoothing oil that is so weightless. And finally Verb Sea Spray is a light-weight spray for windswept waves. No crunchy hair here. I also use it to give texture to curls or waves. You'll love the ingredients in these! verbproducts.com

Extra Elle: SO many goodies today. I hope you leave your faves in the comments. How was your weekend? Mine was too short! We had a brief moment of clear skies, so some friends and I took a spontaneous road trip to Macon, GA, where we toured the former home/now museum of the Allman Brothers Band. They were huge in the 70s, with a rock and blues sound, and had one of THE greatest guitarists of ALL TIME. No joke. Anyway, my dad and family were big fans, so I remember hearing their music when I was little. Their music makes me think of my childhood. We learned a lot and got to explore more of the city the band called home. Do you love road trips like I do?


Best Drugstore Brow Mascaras

Tell me: how do you fill in your brows? Since mine are pretty full, I tend to use a brow mascara. Do you use one? These are great if you want to set your brows (if you fill them in with pencil and/or powder) or if you want to slightly tint them to fill them in. I highly suggest trying them if you haven't. And today I'm sharing a few drugstore options--some are new ones that I shared recently in my haul (click here if you haven't).

1-Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara
2-Hard Candy Brows Now! Brow Fiber Gel + Highlighter
3-L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel Mascara
4-NYX Brow Gel Mascara

Maybelline Brow Drama
  • Colored gel+ Sculpting Ball Brush
  • $5.99+ for .23 fl. oz, 7.0 ml
  • 4 shades
  • Love the price, pigmention, staying power, it comes in 4 shades
  • Don't love the wand at all--huge. -I like the formula but hate that wand, so I would skip unless you have a spooley you'd like to use instead.
Hard Candy Brows Now!
  • Fiber gel + highlighter
  • $6 (Wal-mart only), .182 oz
  • 2 shades
  • It has a small wand which I love, but A LOT of product that makes it hard to work with. 
  • It has a mousse-like texture and is very pigmented. I think the light-medium, pictured, might be too dark for some.
  • The highlighter is creamy and shimmery. I tend to use a matte highlight, but some would love the two-for-one product. -Skip

L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper
  • $7.97, .27 oz
  • 4 shades, including auburn and clear (pictured)
  • Small wand and great product. I have clear and light, which is a little too blonde for me, but I liked this one the best. -Must buy!
NYX Tinted Brow Mascara
  • $6.99,  ULTA,
  • 5 shades
  • medium wand, medium pigmentation
  • I liked this one and love that is offers many shade options. -Must try!
So...I'm sure you're wondering if any of these are a dupe for Benefit's Gimme Brow? Benefit has the smallest wand and I think that makes such a difference. I think L'Oreal is pretty close as long as you choose a tinted shade. The clear is very light in terms of hold.

Extra Elle:
  • Today was supposed to be a video tutorial, but once I saw the footage, I hated how I looked. I'll reshoot it over the weekend. Does that ever happen to you with pics or videos?
  • I was proud to represent the Atl bloggers at the premiere of the new season of The Americans. It was so fun!!! And the show was really good as well--I'd never seen it before.


Lip Tars & Lip Paints: Reviews & Info!

I'm pretty sure if you've somehow found yourself in an ULTA or Sephora you've encountered one or two of these beauties. Maybe you've heard of them? Heard the word "dupe" in their presence? What are these things anyway? Are they glosses? Wonder no more--I'm going over 5 of the most popular of these lip tars, lip paints, and their similarly packaged cohorts.

"Lip tar "is the product name for the brand OCC. It's supposed to make you think of how tar is hard to remove.

"Lip paint" is a way to describe these products. They're like melted lipsticks in a tube that go on shiny that dry to matte or satin, and give long staying power. They're very, very pigmented.

1-Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick--think shiny gloss with the pigmentation of a lipstick that's kind of like a lip stain.

  • This doesn't fit the lip tar or paint definition, but I am including it because it looks similar. It features a fuzzy tip applicator (same material as a doe foot) and has very pigmented color. The shine fades, which doesn't bother me, but I've found the long wearing aspect depends on the shade. Also, some shades can be more drying that others.
  • $21, 4 oz.
  • 18 shades
  • Ulta, Sephora

2-OCC Lip Tars--Considered a revolutionary product when released, these lip tars are long-lasting, very pigmented, and come in different finishes. You will need the tiniest amount--a tube will last forever.

  • These take a little bit to get used to in application and finish, but they are worth it. I kinda got it everywhere the first couple of times! Occasionally, I have experienced dry lips (matte) and suggest the clear primer to help with application.
  • It comes in the original matte, metallic, and stained gloss. It also comes with a brush--necessity since this is a tube and you only need a little.
  • peppermint scent
  • $18, .33 oz
  • 43 shades, including blue, yellow, and black. Shades like those allow you to change the colors of other OOC products to create custom shades.
  • Sephora 
3-J. Cat Wonder Paint--This is a liquified, pigmented product with long wearing time.
  • Similar to OCC in terms of application (little goes a long way). Wish it came with a brush for easier application. Can sometimes feather, but excellent for the price.
  • $1.29 (2 shades at ULTA.com) $4.99 J.Cat site, .33oz
  • 31 shades
  • peppermint
  • has parabens
  • ULTA, J.Catbeauty.com
4-LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint--pigmented like a lipstick, but looks like a gloss
  • I first purchased these because they look so similar to the Too Faced ones. Scroll back up--don't they look similar? But these are the closest thing to a dupe to the OCC I can find. I like these.
  • $3.49, .4 oz
  • 18 shades
  • peppermint
  • online, Kmart, I got mine at the store Five Below
5-MAC Lipmix--It's an opaque cream used to mix and customize lipstick. MAC Pro item.
  • I'm sharing this here because it is similar in packaging to OCC and J. Cat, but this is a completely different product. Whereas the others are liquid-y (runny), this one is like a mousse-like texture. I use using these--I think of them as lip pigments--for a variety of purposes.  While I love these, I don't think a beginner or casual beauty lover will find them a necessity.
  • $15, 10ml
  • 13 shades, including black, yellow, blue that are used to change colors
  • MACcosmetics.com
Overall, if pigmented long-lasting lip products are what you're into, I suggest giving these a shot. There's something for every budget.

Extra Elle: Just finished the audiobook Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe. I didn't really know much about him, bought it on a whim, and ended up loving it. What a life this guy has had so far!! I love hearing a celeb read their autobiographies, for some reason!


All products mentioned are purchased by me unless stated.
All pics, thoughts, etc, are mine unless otherwise noted. Publishing or redistributing any content from this blog is strictly prohibited. Please seek permission first. Thank you.

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