August Coffee & Chit Chat

Another month, another Coffee and Chit Chat! If you are new to this series, I vlog about my month. It gives you a chance to get to know me better, plus hearing my Southern accent is free! While these are my least-viewed videos (tbh), they are my favorite to film since it makes me come out of my shell and show you a side that doesn't always come through on the blog. So sit down, pour the coffee and let's chit chat!

This is my most personal video I think I've ever done.

Normally, I'm very positive and upbeat, but this month I ended up sharing something very personal about myself. I wasn't planning on doing that, but I had this feeling that someone out there needed me to talk about it. I encourage you to watch the first 4 1/2 minutes.

Can't see the video? Click here.
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Click "translate" and the video will show. Boom. No excuses!

Highlights from the video:
  • Coffee choice
  • Mug of the month (send me one by starting here)
  • Month in review
  • Fave tv shows/movies of the month
  • Fave posts and videos of the month
  • Products I love and didn't like
  • And a special cameo appearance from the World's Cutest Dog 
  • I also wanted to share some wonderful news with you, since you are my friends :)
    • My blog reached over 6 million all-time views! 
    • I'm one of the vloggers featured on the FabFitFun FB ad!
    • I also had my first radio interview--listen to it here.
    • I've been nominated for Atlanta's Best Beauty Blogger for Tastemaker Magazine! I am freaking out with happiness! 
screenshot from video
So I hope you enjoyed the video and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend. I'll be taking it easy (yeah right) and will be back on Tuesday. Tell me your plans!
Have a great day. 
Be safe, behave, and be well, 
Love, Elle

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As Sold on Instagram--Do These Products Really Work?

I don't think a day goes by that someone on my Instagram isn't asking me to try a product they are selling. And there are so many Work-At-Home products out there allowing for additional income and I hear all the time of amazing success stories.

Today I'm sharing my reviews on a few of these popular beauty products.  All items were sent for consideration or as a contest prize. I am not affiliated with any products shown but some links are affiliated with sellers. My opinions do not reflect everyone who sells or tries these products. As I always say, this is just one girl's opinion--try the products yourself!

First up is Perfectly Posh, a gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free natural line of skincare and bath and body products. And they have just about everything from lotions, scrubs, masks, hair stuff and more. I got to try several things, and really liked just about everything I tried. I only wish the samples were bigger, not only for thorough testing, but so I could see how big the products are for the price. I know--just being greedy! But these little treats are designed to give you a taste of the fun so you'll want to order. My fave is the Snarky Bar--it is an awesome exfoliating bar for the body. Products are all under $25 and feature cute packaging.


Glambot Review! Buy or Sell New and Preowned Makeup!

Let me know if this situation has happened to you: You buy an expensive beauty product and end up hating it. You want to take it back but it's either too late, you've lost the receipt, or the store won't accept used products. You either throw it out or it sits there, taking up space in your makeup drawer. This has happened to me!

But I've got a solution! What if you could sell those used items that didn't work for you? Have you heard of GlambotGlambot is an online makeup marketplace where users can buy and sell cosmetics. I love this idea! Finally, there's a safe venue to sell preowned makeup. I've been burned by Ebay, have had fake products, bad sellers, and swaps, so having a valid service is wonderful. I'm in love. Check out some more info below:
  • What brands do they sell?
    • High end brands--all the good ones, including MAC. They even have limited edition items. Naturally, used items are much cheaper than new ones. Go look!
  • What quality is the makeup?
    • They sell new and used, and each product has a "fill" in the description (as in new, 80% full or 50% full). They have brushes, palettes, skin care, and more--not just makeup.
  • Is preowned makeup safe?
    • Luckily, Glambot's proprietary 5-step authentication and sanitization process guarantees each item is authentic and safe for you to use!
  • Are the products fakes?
    • These are guaranteed authentic.
  • What if I don't like my order?
    • If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item for a full refund within 14 days of purchase if unopened and in its original condition. Shipping is covered.
  • How do I sell?
    • Make sure the item qualifies, send for free, and if it meets qualifications, you'll get cash or Glambucks. Payment takes 3-5 business days or instant Glambucks credit. You don't have to take pictures--just send it in.

I was given some credits (Glambucks) to try out their service, and here's what I picked up:

Tarte Crease Brush, Too Faced Blush and Gloss, DiorSkin Nude Foundation
I was happy with everything I got! The brush I used in this tutorial (see it in action!). The other products were listed as 80% full (I think the gloss was new), but they looked new or slightly used. I admit, I did extra sanitize mine because I am cray. Overall, I was very pleased with Glambot, including the customer service, and would highly recommend it! 

And remember, if used makeup isn't your thing, you can sell your new or preowned makeup. It's free to ship and free to sell!

If interested, I have a discount code for 10% off! Click here. Go check out the products and the brands--I literally spent HOURS going through all of the makeup. If you're looking to score some high end makeup at a cheaper price, give Glambot a try.


My Fave Things! 100th Video, $50 Ulta Giveaway, Neutrogena Giveaway

Hey you! Today I reached a milestone on my Youtube channel--100 videos! I cannot believe it. I used to be so nervous and shy when I first started, and it gets easier with each video. When I asked what y'all wanted to see, my fave beauty products topped the list. I hope you enjoy!

Check out our attempt to take a family pic!
View video here!
Video highlights:
  • Hair care products and tools
  • Brushes
  • Foundations
  • Perfumes
  • Lipsticks
  • Eyeshadows
  • Blushes
  • Nail polishes
  • Mascaras
  • Extras
  • Surprise special guest! And he's wearing a sombrero!
Tell me your favorite beauty products 
or my fave video of yours in the comments!
To thank you, I'm giving away one $50 Ulta Gift Card. Enter using the Rafflecopter below:

This is for US residents, and end September 1st, 2014.
Winner will be contacted via email provided.

I also have a second giveaway! I'm giving away the Neutrogena Pores No More kit. I had a chance to take the #PoresNoMore challenge, where for one week I used the products above to help clean out and minimize the appearance of pores. To enter this giveaway, leave your name and email in the comments below. If you're worried about spammers, you may spell it out like this: yourname (at) gmail (dot) com. Open to US residents and ends September 1, 2014. Winner contacted via email provided. Good luck!!


Easy Summer to Fall Makeup

I'm in a summer slump. I'm kinda over summer, but yet I'm not ready for fall (thanks, hot weather). And my makeup lately has been reflecting that--an in between. I wanted a little of that summer sparkle but with a darker lip like I normally wear in fall. Happy weekend and hope you give this a try!

For foundation, I wanted a satin finish--in between my dewy skin of summer and the matte skin for fall. I'm wearing Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation.

For eyes, I used the Sonia Kashuk's Eyes on Neutral Matte and Eyes on Shimmer palettes. Any neutral palette will do. Check out the video below for specific recommendations!

Use a flat shader brush and pat the gold shade all over the lid. I chose gold because I wanted that summer sparkle. Creepy eye pose, optional. ;)

For the transition shade, use a light matte peach. Apply with a crease brush into the crease and gently blend it out with a clean crease brush.

Take a crease brush and apply the warm chocolate brown in the outer corner. Use a clean crease brush and blend it out. Please see the video for more details.

Time for a little secret: instead of blending and blending with one shade, I then take a dark chocolate and make a tinier sideways V and blend it out.

Add liner, mascara, and brow highlight as desired. I used Loreal Telescopic mascara.

For blush, I used Tarte blush in Exposed. It is a nude and one of my year-round favorites.

I lined and filled my lips in a darker berry (Prestige in Fleur) and then placed Mac's Twig on top. Now these colors are way too dark for me, so to lighten things up, I added Mac's Sweet and Sour on top. The result is a pretty nude that isn't matte.

Watch below to see how to create this look:

If you recreate this look, tag me so I can repost your look!
Have a great weekend. Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle


What's In My Mailbox? New Beauty Product Reviews (August)

Hey you! First up, thanks for the amazing support on yesterday's post. I was sick with nervousness about posting it, but many of you understood where I was coming from. Thank you for reading it.

So since yesterday's post was very text-heavy, today's will be very photo-heavy. Yay! And as you can tell, I'm sharing lots of beauty products that I've been reviewing over the past month (or longer). Everything was sent for consideration and I chose to review these products. Enjoy.


What Has Happened To Blogs?


Do you have those posts that sit in the draft folder, and then some event or conversation is the sign that you should write them? That's today's post.

I've had blogs on and off since 1997, only they weren't called "blogs" back then-- think bad emo poetry on a definitely-deleted LiveJournal. I started ElleSees in 2009, and it has been an amazing journey, not just of my own blog, but blogs in general. Blogging has changed, and in some cases, not for the better. While I am no blogging expert, there's really no right/wrong way to blog, and I think there's room for all, I thought I'd share my opinions on what has happened to blogs.


All products mentioned are purchased by me unless stated.
All pics, thoughts, etc, are mine unless otherwise noted. Publishing or redistributing any content from this blog is strictly prohibited. Please seek permission first. Thank you.

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