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I finally got to see Breaking Dawn (Part 2) last night! Don't worry, no spoilers here, but I will share a blog spoiler that I'll be doing a tutorial on Bella's hair/makeup on Friday. But today's post won't have you looking like a vampire!

Whether you had a late night or you just didn't get enough sleep, chances are there are still 5 minutes to do your makeup. But who has time to rummage through your makeup bag or drawers for all the products that you need? I'll let you in on a little secret that is so simple that I use to help me for those situations: the beauty "to go" box! Just like a "to go" (or take away) box you'd get from a restaurant, this has everything you need at your fingertips and in one location.

All you have to do is grab the essentials/basics that you need to get ready in 5 minutes. Put the items in a box (I'm using an old container I spray painted to match my bathroom) in a central location and you're ready to go. I make sure I can easily see the products, and arrange everything in order of use, making it more efficient and easy to use. Here's what's in my "to go" box:

  • BB cream--for when I really have no time (see more reviews of drugstore bb creams here)
  • Foundation--applied with fingers or brush (brush not pictured because I was washing brushes)
  • Concealer
  • Powder--not pictured because I don't use it.
  • Mascara--I use something with lots of volume, as it's fast and doesn't need more than a coat or two.
  • Lip product--I used the Revlon Lip Balm Stain. I use the "honey" shade, which looks natural and lasts. Whatever lip product you choose can be used as blush too, as long as it's not a gloss.
  • Extras: Eye shadow--If I have extra time, I like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils/Wet N Wild or Milani Shadow Pencil or the Maybelline Color Tattoo Studio. You want something close to your skin tone with a little shimmer to open the eyes.
  • Eyeliner--This can be smudged and used as shadow if needed.
  • Eyelash curler--An eyelash curler really makes a difference. If I'm really pressed for time, it's BB Cream, concealer, eye lash curler, and lip stain.
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  1. I love the Revlon "honey" lip color. It's perfect just like the Clinique balm that looks good on everyone. Know what I'm sayin?

  2. This is such a clever idea! Although I would never dream of going to work without make-up on except in an instance where I was called in with less than twenty minutes notice, I often find that digging through my make-up bag is a frustrating chore... maybe a container really is the solution! Who would have thought? :)

  3. A great idea, I normally plan the day before what make-up to use before I do the nursery morning run lol and leave it on my bedroom drawer, xoxo.

  4. This is a great idea, I have a similar box, but only with 3 items, I need to build up on it taking in your advice!

  5. i kind of do something similar, i have my everyday products in a makeup bag that i just dump out/apply/ and go and it's so fast :)

  6. Such a good idea!


  7. I loved that movie :) Can't wait to see how you teach us to look like Bella ;)

    Pearls & Paws

  8. Love this list of essentials. Totally agree with each item:)
    And BD2 rocked! Did you like it?

  9. This is such a good idea! There are definitely mornings when I'm pressed for time and don't feel like rooting through all my makeup. Thanks Elle!

  10. I LOVE lip stain for rushed days too. I'll have to try it as blush!

  11. Great idea! Now I'll have no excuse for running out the door without make-up again.

  12. This is definitely my kind of tip, and I have a makeup stand in my bathroom that holds all of my essentials. I haven't seen Breaking Dawn yet, but am excited to go with my sister over the holidays! That was the only book in the Twilight series that I really enjoyed.

  13. Can't wait to see Bella's look! What did you think of the movie??

    xo Rach

  14. I definitely needed this idea when I woke up with only 20 minutes to get dressed, brush the teeth/wash the face, put on my makeup and grab breakfast! Yikes, rushed. :)


  15. I'll have to try out that honey shade. Its sounds perfect

  16. I do this same exact thing! I have a makeup box right by my door/mirror w/ just the very basics & can get my makeup done in 5 minutes or less... sooo necessary for those sleep-in days :)

  17. It's a brilliant idea and I am a little bit ashamed to say but this is pretty much all I have to do my make-up. :)

  18. Its a great idea but I have to say that's how I do my makeup everyday. I am a 5 minute makeup kind of girl.

  19. This is a great idea! you have all your everyday products in one easy to access place!

  20. What an awesome idea! :D


  21. Great tips! I need to read your tutorial on how to fake a good night's sleep!

  22. OK- I never use BB cream. I have pretty sensitive skin-- should I use it?

  23. So a great idea. I do this with my clothes for the next day when I have to work early.

  24. The revlon lipbalm it´s one to my favorites!


  25. Love the idea of an essentials box! Great tip, hun.

  26. I looks a lot like mine... I use the eye roller and love it!!!

  27. I just tried some BB cream after reading so many great reviews like yours. I think that, lip stain, and an eyelash curler would be my top picks too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  28. I wish I would have read this yesterday! I looked like death warmed over because I went to bed super late and was exhausted. I'll have to try the BB cream.

  29. I need to do this. I think about doing this every morning when I'm looking through the things for the items that i use every day! ;)

  30. these are great to always keep on hand :) i must put something together.

  31. i definitely need to put one of these together! hahaha awesome!

  32. I love that eyeliner. I use it all the time.

  33. I keep my "must-have" cosmetics in a large plastic pencil box with attached lid. One buck at Walmart, baby!

    Normally I keep my eyelash curlers and cosmetic brushes separate, but when I'm packing for a trip, everything I need for makeup fits in my trusty box, and I'm ready to go!

  34. I finally tried a BB cream and I think I like it! I only wore it one night, so not totally sure, but at least all the pics from that night turned out!


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